Sunday, February 1, 2015

[Winter is just warming up!]

*** Well as January ends and a new semester kicks into hyper drive, I figured I'd check in. Despite the warm weather, oportunites for outdoor adventures have been limited. I'm hoping to change that soon, but until then I will continue to focus on other things.

The Bueno Avenue String Band!
 Adventures in drawing: I had made a goal to sketch every day in January and while I didn't quite make every day, I did create several doodles and I had a lot of fun. I had challenged my friends and family to practice something all month and then complete a final project at the end... My goal was to create a larger marker drawing but I only got about half way through that before things got hairy. I'm still working on it though and once it's complete, I'll post it up!
Here's a funny sketch of Bob Dylan!
The bar in Ogden where I open miked it.
Adventures in music: One big goal of mine is to become more comfortable being in the spotlight. I had made a lot of progress in conquering my stage fright while in Boston, but I've noticed a significant backslide in my confidence over the last year. To combat this, I decided to step back outside of my comfort zone and perform some music at a local open mic. I did my best to practice and practice and in the process I waffled back and forth, unsure whether or not I'd be able to go through with it. On the day of, however, the stars aligned and I had no choice but to do it. My neighbor Shanin Blake is a super cute singer/songwriter who, despite her youth, inspired me to put it out there and sing out loud! My longtime buddy Dorian accompanied me on his doumbek (small hand drum with a tambourine inside)which was a huge help. In the end, playing was a lot like skiing- you just point your skis downhill and slide- the rest is up to gravity! I just played and played and when I was done, I looked down and realized I had broken the tip off of my guitar pick!! There weren't many people there, but a few of them came up to me and complemented my performance which was nice :D. I'd like to perform again sometime, but in the meantime I'm more than satisfied with this effort haha.

Ollie can be a little demanding when it comes to cuddle time. Here he climbed up onto my shoulder while I was trying to record. It's kind of hard to play guitar with a cat on top of you.

Also, I uploaded a newly minted song to my soundcloud. I have a couple new ones in the pipeline so I hope I can get all the music worked out. It's cool to see how my song writing/ guitar playing has improved over the last year. My voice continues to decline though haha. That's what I get for yelling all the time and doing other voice unfriendly things lol. Check it out!

The stuff I've been making is very purple
Adventures in grad school: My paper got published!!! With a big project like grad school, it's difficult sometimes to gauge how much progress you're making. I didn't accomplish much research wise last year and I was feeling kind of bummed about it, but seeing my paper in press made me feel like I managed to get something right. Luckily this semesters class load is much lighter than the last and so I will have more time for research. My next goal is to get results as quickly as possible and so I'm going to really try to start pushing, working harder and smarter than ever before. We'll see how that goes!

Retrosynthetic Road map:  A preliminary sketch for the blog's logo.

Adventures in science writing: So I'm working hard trying to put together the first few posts for the career blog. I've got my awesome buddy Emily on board for this project and so I'm hoping it will really take off! Or at least I hope I can fit it into all the other stuff I've got going on. :D Well that's pretty much it. Until next time!!

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