Sunday, December 21, 2014

[Time flies. In time, flies]


So the semester is over! It just flew by. This round of finals was somewhat intense. It might not have been so bad except I was working on a 6 page research proposal for a fellowship application and it was due the same day as the revisions for my paper, a homework assignment, and a final exam. Needless to say my sleep schedule has suffered!

I was really excited about my proposal though. I feel like I'm finally becoming a scientist! It was just a teensy weeny bit stressful to decide what I wanted to do my dissertation work while taking finals and classes etcetcetc. Adventures!

The revisions for our review manuscript got accepted though solidifying our first lab publication, and my fourth. Having so many publications, it makes your CV longer than one page is not a bad problem to have :D

But I came here to share an adventure that is far scarier than class 3 and 4 scrambles. My dad is always hassling me to write him songs etc, so for this christmas, I'm putting together a collection of recordings of me playing the guitar and singing. I'm making an effort to take steps to feel more comfortable in the lime light and so I figured it would be a good exercise to post it here as a lead up to the open mic performance I want to do next month. I've never really done that before… not at a real venue. We'll see how that goes. Even if I sound terrible it will be..well, character building.

So a disclaimer: I'm not beyonce or anything like that, but I really do enjoy singing and playing and writing silly rhymes… I've just been recording on my iPhone using the voice memo app. It works pretty well, but without any editing skills, I have to do it perfectly in one take which can be tricky given that even recording makes me feel a bit nervous. The obnoxious things about writing songs is that you kind of have to spend some time learning them! It takes a while to be able to get a cut that doesn't make me want to fall on my capo. All of it is pretty rough. The working title for this collection is Berkley to Boston. Mostly because many of the songs were written during that time period, and because my dad bought me the novel "Dealing: or the Berkley-to-Boston 40-brick lost-bag blues"  at a cool street sale on my first day in Boston. It was all I had to occupy myself for that first week and so it made an impression on me.

Anyway, here it is. Enjoy!

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