Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Blame it on the Tetons

This weekend was a doozy.

I had planned on a two night backcountry trip in the heart of Yellowstone, but instead ended up with food poisoning the first night and what turned out to be a lovely cabin stay in Targhee valley just outside of Driggs, Idaho.

I feel very lucky that I wasn't sick on the road or on the pack trip (any food outside a bear canister can be trouble in grizzly country if you catch my drift). The next morning was pretty terrible though and I barely made it driving through the sleepy green countryside running a fever and stopping several times along the way. Luckily Owen's friend Kyle is a saint and when we arrived he had a very nice cool sunlit basement room for me to crash in. I recovered quickly enough and was able to enjoy the rest of the weekend. Overall the Tetons were spectacular and bounded on all sides with clover filled fields and rustic fences and barns.

The cabin sits on a giant property filled with a sagebrush meadow with a cold stream running through it. We mostly grilled and chatted with friends. Owen and I took a short and leisurely hike in teton valley and it was lovely. There were several waterfalls from the runoff above, one of which began spontaneously and we watched as the water started flowing off the rocks and into the trail. There were SO many wildflowers I could hardly believe it. Wild columbine literally everywhere. Giant stands of indian paintbrush, endless lupine and many others. The perfect place to picnic and lounge by the river.

Here are some photos.
Tori the dog wishing America a happy birthday

Columbine everywhere.

Prairie smoke and sage brush

Small prairie smoke 

Tiger swallow tail on some scarlet gilia

Everything is adorable

I love this stuff!

Indian paintbrush

Owen in the splash zone

"Tell your friends all around the world 'aint no companion like a blue eyed mearle"

Blue bells and matching caterpillar

Sticky geranium and  genial bumble

Teton valley Owen.

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